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Blog - 06/18/2018

Since our market entry 20 years ago, Candock floating docks have been used over the world in projects of all kinds. Every year, we push the boundaries of what we can achieve on water thanks to our clients’ imagination, and our experts’ passion and creativity.

Angkor Wat temple’s bridge, Cambodia

In 2017, the new floating dock that leads to the Angkor Wat temple was inaugurated in Cambodia. It will provide tourists access to the temple for 5 years, while the original causeway is being restored. The local authorities were looking for a durable and solid solution, as approximately 20 000 tourists use this bridge every day.

This project was a massive one; 656 feet long and 33 feet wide, which meant using 10 000 cubes.
“There was no hesitation on our part, we wanted in! says Candock CEO, Mr. Alexandre Lamoureux. Challenges are what drives us, and we knew our product was without a doubt the best for this situation.” The Candock system’s light ecological footprint coupled with its ability to harmonize with its surroundings made it a great option for this UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Skyscraper golf, New York

In 2010, during a fundraiser organized by P.F. Chang’s, a restaurant chain, Candock cubes were used to build a giant floating target on New York’s East River. From the roof of a nearby high-rise building, professional golfers put their talent to the test and tried to hit a bullseye. This type of challenging set-up was a perfect match for Candock’s system, since it had to be flexible, easily assembled and then dismantled.


The Dock by Stab Magazine

This stunt is a perfect example of the new possibilities that Candock floating docks can help create. In 2017, a unique collaboration took place between Candock, Volcom and Stab where some of the greatest surfers on earth met in Bali to participate in this unprecedented event. A floating dock installed by Candock perfectly mirrored the motion of the water while serving as a unique platform to jump and catch the upcoming waves, something they could have never experienced otherwise.

All participants greatly appreciated the experience, which motivated us to further our collaboration with the exciting world of nautical sports.


Nissan The Quest, Italy

Our board sport and floating dock collaboration didn’t stop at surfing! In fact, during a special event organized by Nissan in 2014, skaters were the ones doing their magic on water, thanks to Candock in Italy. A floating platform served as a base for a huge half-pipe to accommodate skateboards and BMX bikes. The sturdy structure supported 4400 lbs on top of all the traffic of participating athletes; letting the world know that Candock quality can take it all!

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