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A solution for each situation!

This single piece drive-on dock system was designed to accommodate all sizes of personal watercrafts. The JetRoll is fully compatible with our G2 floating dock system as well as most other types of docks on the market. This MDPE unit is 100% foam-filled and literally unsinkable. Because no assembly is required, the installation is fast and hassle-free. The launching procedure on this Jet Ski port is made easy; thanks to the 12 urethane wheels and their customizable positions.

Material/Composition: Medium-density polyethylene MDPE


30.5cm (12”)

L: 3.86m (152”)

W: 1.93m (76”)

Weight: 159 kg (350 lbs)

How much weight can the JetRoll hold?

It can support up to 2000 lbs, watercraft and people included.

If the JetRoll has a small hole, can it sink?

The JetRoll is filled with expanded foam for two reasons;

1) If ever there were a hole, it would not sink due to the foam.

2) To ensure that it always keeps its shape, no matter the outside temperature.

Does this work for all watercraft?

With the 12 wheels that can be configured independently, it allows great adaptation to many PWCs. On the other hand, if your boat is out of standard, please ask your local distributor, or Candock directly to make sure.

Is it easy to install?

The JetRoll is made in one piece, no assembly required. As it weighs approximately 350lbs, you will need help to bring it to your waterfront. Once in the water, the rest is simple to moderate, depending on the type of anchor required and the constraints where it will be installed.

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3 ways to anchor your JetRoll



You can easily and safely install your JetRoll in a "stand alone" configuration using Candock's proven piling system. Shallow waters and soft sea/lake beds are the best types of environments for this configuration.

The boat dock can adjust to different water levels with the pile system. This ensures that your personal watercraft is always ready to use. The drive-on feature makes it easy to access your watercraft. The system designers created it for convenience and efficiency.



You can connect your JetRoll to a Candock floating dock easily. You will use the same hardware and basics as our regular floating dock system. So if you are familiar with our G2 floating docks, this anchoring method will be easy.

The anchoring technique smoothly combines the JetRoll with the dock, making this PWC lift an extension of the dock.



Our “Z” Bracket allow you to secure your JetSki ramp to any fixed structure (fixed pier, sea wall, etc). When used with our pilings and PVC sleeves, this combination allows for changes in water levels caused by seasons or tides. This does not impact accessibility or efficiency.

This anchoring method also allows the PWC lift to be positioned lengthwise. This is particularly useful for canal or river installations.


This single piece drive-on dock system was designed to accommodate all sizes of Personal Watercrafts.

Key features:


Candock highly recommends using a PWC drive-on dry dock to protect your craft. The JetRoll PWC lift is easy to use and is a smart investment.

To keep your watercraft in good condition, it's important to keep it dry and free from algae and barnacles. Algae and barnacles can grow on the hull and decrease the value of your watercraft. Keeping your watercraft dry and clean will help maintain its value. 

The JetRoll floating dock lift is the safest and easiest way to lift and store your personal watercraft. You can use it for Jet Skis, Sea-doos, Waverunners, and other similar watercraft. The lift simplifies and secures the process of lifting and storing your watercraft.

Our advanced PWC ramp design is environmentally friendly and maintenance free. We use top-quality materials, guaranteeing long term use. We even offer a 7 year warranty on the JetRoll, demonstrating our level of confidence. Our floating PWC lift system for jet skis will also give you the freedom to walk around your boat.

Enjoy your craft and enjoy the water with the JetRoll floating dock system. And should your future needs change, our products are modular, which means you can add or reconfigure them to suit your new reality. 

If you are not sure which system is best for your application, contact our customer service for help. Our team can provide guidance on whether JetRoll or JetSlide is the better option for you. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need assistance in making a decision. Our customer service is here to help you choose the right system for your needs.

If you are an existing Candock user and have a question, please contact us. Customer satisfaction is something we are proud of at Candock.