The smart


The environment is a constant priority at Candock. Our modular structure components do not oxidize. They have been designed to be recycled and they will not deteriorate over time.

Candock is the Sustainable Solution

Manufacturing and service industries are in full transformation. Global economic, social, environmental and governance issues are irrefutably evolving. Therefore, we’ve decided to upgrade our values through practices and processes that are more in line with sustainable development.

Our products’ exceptional lifespan make them an ideal choice; a Candock dock will outlast two or three aluminum or wooden
docks. Aluminum requires tremendous amounts of energy for its production. Protecting wooden structures often requires the
use of chemical products harmful to the environment. Moreover, the increasingly unpredictable and severe weather patterns are resulting in the heightened destruction of numerous docks and floating structures, necessitating their replacement. Conversely, our docks demonstrate exceptional resilience against the harshest weather conditions. Their discreet design and colors enable seamless integration with the environment. Candock prioritizes environmentally conscious manufacturing practices by utilizing green electric energy and maintaining a steadfast commitment to minimizing environmental impact.

Candock products are manufactured in Canada in a unionized factory where wages and working conditions meet North American standards.

Our products are

manufactured under

ISO 9001:2000, 14001:2004.