Drive-on for Sea-Doo Switch
For SeaDoo Switch 13 ft
Drive-on for Sea-Doo Switch
Drive-on for Sea-Doo Switch
Drive-on for Sea-Doo Switch
Drive-on for Sea-Doo Switch
Drive-on for Sea-Doo Switch

Drive-on for Sea-Doo Switch

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Introducing our Switch lift drive-on system, meticulously designed to accommodate the sleek hull of your Sea-doo Switch. Whether you own the 13, 18, or 21-foot model, rest assured that our system is engineered to keep your boat impeccably dry and secure.


Experience the epitome of speed and security with our cutting-edge drive-on system, surpassing the efficiency of traditional boat lifts. Our user friendly winch system allows for an effortless launch to the water.

Material/Composition: The Switch Lift is primarily composed of standard G2 cubes, JetSlides, and Extension plates for JetSlides. The quantity of components required may vary depending on the length of your SeaDoo Switch model.

Can operating this system cause harm to the Seadoo Switch's hull?

The JetSlide is crafted with the same material as the SeaDoo Switch's hull, ensuring optimal sliding performance. Over several years of utilizing this system with personal watercraft, there has been no reported damage to their hulls. Some minor black marks may occur during initial use, which is entirely normal.

If we already own a Candock, can we modify it to integrate a Switch Lift onto our dock?

Certainly, that's the flexibility of the modular system. Our Switch lift system primarily consists of JetSlide and regular cubes. You may only require a few additional accessories to complete the installation.

Is it feasible to exit solely using engine power?

Since the Switch is equipped with a turbine that must be fully submerged for operation, the winch (included in the lift) is necessary to push your boat until the turbine is underwater. Typically, once this is achieved, you can engage reverse to lower the Switch.

How can I integrate my Switch accessories onto the dock?

Utilizing our tile system, collaboratively designed with BRP, you can easily incorporate a LinQ tile. This enables direct interchangeability of all your boat accessories on the dock, with the LinQ system ensuring swift and secure attachment.

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