Tiles series
Tiles series
Tiles series
Tiles series
Tiles series
Tiles series
Tiles series
Tiles series
Tiles series

Tiles series


Regular price$100.55 CAD Starting from 47$ sq ft*
Price for indicative purposes only, for more details please contact your local distributor

Presenting our revolutionary marriage of recycled plastic base and injected polypropylene tiles, delivering an unparalleled blend of durability, flexibility, and sophistication for your dock.

Experience the difference with our advanced tiles, offering a remarkably sturdy walking surface that surpasses our standard G2 cubes. Walk with confidence and enjoy the stability that sets our dock apart, ensuring every step is a pleasure.

Unlock a new realm of possibilities with our Tiles Series, designed to seamlessly integrate with the LinQ range of accessories. Customize your dock to fit your lifestyle, whether it’s for leisure, entertainment, or water sports. The compatibility opens the door to a world of accessories that enhance and elevate your waterfront experience.

Material/Composition: Polypropylene with 10% fiberglass (PP10)


H: 66.8mm (2 5/8″)

L: 477,9mm (18 13/16”)

W: 477,9mm (18 13/16”)

Weight: 4.94 kg (10.89 lbs)

Can we use the Tile series without edge cubes?

Since the tile is held on top with the 4 connecting pins, the use of edge cubes, or regular cubes on the periphery is mandatory.

Is it the same material as the regular cubes?

The services cubes (black cubes) are made of the same plastic as the cubes, but with a recycled resin. As for the tiles, we use a different recipe which makes them much more rigid and offers a more pleasant walking surface.

Can accessories be affixed to the dock using the tile system?

The primary intent behind the tile system is to facilitate such attachments. By incorporating a LinQ tile, any accessory compatible with this system can be added. Opting for translucent tiles also enables the integration of our LED lighting system, allowing for a more personalized appearance for your dock.

Where can LinQ accessories be purchased?

These accessories are available at any distributor authorized to sell BRP products or directly on the BRP website in the accessories section.

*NOTICE: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Our distributors retain the discretion to adjust prices based on logistical considerations, which may differ across various regions. For precise pricing information, we encourage you to reach out to your nearest distributor, or send a request via this website in the "Get A Quote" section. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.




Available in 2 models, the Candock’s Tile and the LinQ Tile will allow you to taylor your boat’s haven to perfection by switching up accessories from the boat to the dock in a matter of seconds.