"U" shape dock - 475 sq ft
"U" shape dock - 475 sq ft

"U" shape dock - 475 sq ft

Regular price$23,722.40 CAD*
Price for indicative purposes only, for more details please contact your local distributor

To inspire your vision for your upcoming dock project, here are some examples of dock configurations we frequently execute. Additionally, you'll find our pricing per square foot to be highly competitive.

It's important to clarify that this particular dock serves as a demonstration model, featuring essential elements like regular cubes, edge cubes, connecting pins, and sliding nuts exclusively. Please be advised that anchors and other accessories are not incorporated in the suggested retail price.

See specifications below for more details.


Included in this kit:

G2 cube: 146

Cube edge: 98

Cube edge corner: 12

Connecting pin G2: 198

Sliding nut: 198

Spacer: 212

Is it possible to install the dock ourselves, or do we need qualified installers?

You can absolutely install the dock yourself. We provide comprehensive instructions and all necessary tools to facilitate the process. While many opt for professional installation for the initial setup, numerous owners later choose to handle it independently.

Can I install the dock alone?

While it's technically possible to install the dock solo, we highly recommend having at least two people involved. This not only makes the process faster but also more enjoyable.

Do I have to go into the water to install the dock?

In most installations, there's no need for installers to enter the water. However, depending on the type of anchor used, there might be instances where someone needs to dive in.

*NOTICE: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Our distributors retain the discretion to adjust prices based on logistical considerations, which may differ across various regions. For precise pricing information, we encourage you to reach out to your nearest distributor, or send a request via this website in the "Get A Quote" section. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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