Winch JetSlide for boat and PWC
Winch JetSlide for boat and PWC
Winch JetSlide for boat and PWC

Winch JetSlide for boat and PWC


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Winch designed to be used with the JetSlide system to help launch boats that can not use their own motor power during the process.

Material/Composition: Winch :stainless steel 316 or Zinc plated (variant model). Winch base: Aluminium and Stainless steel 316 hardware.

Do I need a winch to launch my boat back into the water?

Every boat is unique, and some may require assistance to return to the water. Several factors can affect the ease of launching the boat. Therefore, it is recommended to have a winch available when installing your drive-on system for the first time, just in case it's needed.

Is a winch necessary to return a personal watercraft to the water?

It ultimately depends on personal preference and the specific boat. While many individuals can launch their watercraft without difficulty, some may find it challenging and prefer the convenience of having a winch available as an option.

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