Welded gangway
Welded gangway
Welded gangway
Welded gangway

Welded gangway


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Welded frames are made with 5.08cm x 12.70cm (2’’ x 5’’) extrusion profiles. They are usually preferred for rugged residential applications or commercial/ industrial applications. They are the most robust frames available at Candock. They come equipped with bolted handrails on both side and a transition plate.

Material / Gangway & handrails: Aluminium T6 and stainless steel 316 for the hardware.

Material / Transition plate: Aluminium T6.

Material / Slider for transition plate and gangway: High-density polyethylene resin (HDPE).

What material is utilized for the gangways?

Our gangways are crafted from T6 aluminum, renowned for its durability and robust corrosion resistance. The recommended floors consist of fiberglass-reinforced plastic, providing a non-slip surface that is self-cleaning in rainy conditions.

Can I purchase a gangway without handrails?

The option to exclude handrails is available only for the 12 ft model. For all other models, handrails are an essential component of the load calculations and are mandatory.

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