Modular gangway
Modular gangway
Modular gangway

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Modular gangway


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MODULAR FRAMES are made with 3.49cm x 8.57cm (1.375’’ x3.375’’) extrusion profiles. They are usually preferred for light duty residential applications. The longest model we offer is 3.60m(12’) long. As the frames are not assembled when shipped, they offer a significant advantage by generating considerable savings on shipping costs. All components are to be bolted and screwed together once delivered.

Material/Composition : Aluminium T6 for the structure and all hardware are in stainless steel 316

Corners: Cast aluminium

Are these gangways longer than 12 feet?

For practical considerations related to installation and weight, our modular gangways are limited to a maximum length of 12 feet. However, you can easily customize the length by connecting two gangways using a junction kit for modular gangways.

What is the maximum recommended angle for the slope?

While our non-slip floors are designed for safety, we advise against exceeding an angle greater than 30 degrees. Even there, we recommend incorporating a Modular Handrail for added stability and safety.

Can I use wood flooring instead of plastic?

While alternative materials are possible, it's important to note that the plastic floors serve as a structural element on the gangway. If opting for a different material, ensure secure attachment using screws in the aluminum to maintain structural integrity.

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