LED (RGB) Lights for Candock
LED (RGB) Lights for Candock
LED (RGB) Lights for Candock
LED (RGB) Lights for Candock

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LED (RGB) Lights for Candock

Regular price$875.00 CAD*
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Our LED system offers a unique method for illuminating your dock's surface. By incorporating internal LED lights into our translucent tiles, we deliver an affordable, reliable, and durable solution to customize every floating dock project. These lights come in a full spectrum of RGB colors!

*** The price provided above serves as an illustration for a comprehensive package, including a controller, a 10-foot extension cord, and 10 LED lights. However, actual pricing may vary based on specific requirements and additional customization options.

Material/Composition: Tiles: high-density polyethylene resin (HDPE)

Available colors: Tiles: white/translucent 

Light Bulbs: RGB 

Are these lights solar-powered or do I need AC power for the dock?

We do not offer the solar option. You will need to run a power line to the dock.

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