Landing plate for gangway
Landing plate for gangway

Landing plate for gangway


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These HDPE plates are designed for use beneath our larger gangway models. While all of our gangways come equipped with sliders, we highly recommend incorporating this additional plate to prolong the lifespan of your cubes, particularly in environments with significant wave activity.

Material/Composition: HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

Hardware: Stainless 316 and Rubber (Well nut)

Can I install the plate afterwards?

Absolutely. You can install the plate later without any issues. Simply set the gangway aside for a few minutes while you position the plate correctly.

What could happen if I don't use this landing plate?

If the dock experiences minimal movement, such as few waves, the slide included with the gangway should suffice without causing damage to the cubes. However, if the gangway is heavy (20') and moves significantly on the platform, there's a considerable risk of wearing out the cubes after a few years.

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