Kayak launch bar
Kayak launch bar
Kayak launch bar
Kayak launch bar
Kayak launch bar
Kayak launch bar

Kayak launch bar


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Simplify your kayak boarding and disembarking with our kayak launch bar. Designed for both regular and low-profile cubes, this system ensures a swift, hassle-free installation. Enjoy the convenience of a quick setup, making your water adventures smoother and more enjoyable. 


Having a Kayak launch to facilitate the "get in / get out" offers numerous benefits. First, it greatly enhances user safety. A stable ramp reduces the risk of falls and accidents, especially for beginners or people with reduced mobility. Secondly, a launch allows for easier handling of the kayak, making access to the water smoother and less tiring. It also helps preserve the equipment by avoiding shocks and friction that can occur during maneuvers on uneven or slippery surfaces. Finally, a well-designed kayak launch can speed up the boarding and disembarking process, making the experience more enjoyable and accessible to everyone. In short, a kayak ramp is a wise investment that promotes safety, convenience, and equipment preservation.


Just like our other accessories and products, we have opted for a modular solution for this kayak ramp, fully bolt-on for several reasons:

**No welding**: This ensures greater durability. Waves and water movement tend to weaken aluminum welds on large pieces, causing them to break over time. Thanks to an assembly with stainless steel screws, this ramp is designed to last for many years.

**Easy storage**: Those who disassemble their dock in the fall will appreciate the ability to quickly dismantle this kayak ramp. Efficient storage is the key to keeping equipment clean and in good condition for many years to come.

**Simplified replacement**: In the unfortunate event of damage (due to a storm, misuse, etc.), the modular design allows for precise replacement of only the damaged parts without having to replace the entire system.

This modular kayak ramp ensures durability, practicality, and ease of maintenance, thus meeting the needs of the most demanding users.

Material/Composition: Aluminum, high-density polyethylene resin (HDPE), and stainless steel 316 hardware 

Available colors: Beige or Grey (connecting pins)

Do I require a low-profile cube to install this product?

No, you can install it on either low-profile or regular cubes.

Is it suitable for installation in a saline environment?

Constructed from aluminum and 316 stainless steel, all components boast high corrosion resistance, making them suitable for use in salty environments.

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