Handrail post
Handrail post
Handrail post
Handrail post
Handrail post
Handrail post

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Handrail post


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Our new and improved handrail system is now benefiting from the same characteristics as the rest of our product range. Made with the highest quality HDPE resin available, these posts are among the most reliable on the market. Available in 2 separate models, the surface model or the peripheral model, the posts can be paired with rigid, custom-made, PVC railing system or simply with a good marine grade rope.

Material/Composition: High-density polyethylene resin (HDPE) and casted aluminum 

Available colors: Beige and Grey 

Dimensions posts: Post height: 107.cm (42.3’’) / Railing height: 92.1cm (36.25’’) 

Dimensions railings: O/D 4.19cm (1.65’’) x L 6.09m (20’) per section 

Weight: Post 2.27 kg (5 lbs) 

Are these handrails suitable for installation in areas prone to waves?

Unlike metal handrails, these plastic and PVC models offer flexibility, capable of withstanding waves of up to 3 feet without any issues.

Can they be installed on an existing Candock dock?

Indeed, both, surface and peripheral models, can be easily installed later on. Simply remove the existing connecting pins or bolts for cubes and replace them with the handrail posts provided.

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