Elastic anchor rope
Elastic anchor rope
Elastic anchor rope

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Elastic anchor rope


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These elastic anchor ropes are designed to accommodate any water level fluctuations, whether tidal, natural, or artificial. Beyond this adaptability, this innovative mooring product offers a distinct advantage in maintaining a consistently stable structure amidst changing water levels and diverse weather conditions. Furthermore, it can be strategically combined either side by side to enhance strength or end to end to expand the system's capacity to withstand a wider range of water level fluctuations.

Material/Composition: Stainless steel 316 L eyelet, natural latex, and Polyester sheath 

Safe Working Load: 455kg (1000lbs) 

Minimum Breaking Strength: 3181kg (7000lbs) 


1m (3’): 2m stretch (6’) 

2m (6’): 4m stretch (12’) 

Under what circumstances should I utilize the elastic anchor?

If your water body experiences minimal variations, relying on a chain is adequate. However, if you encounter significant water fluctuations, necessitating frequent tension adjustments for dock stability, the elastic anchor offers a practical solution to minimize maintenance and enhance convenience.

Is it suitable for saltwater environments?

Indeed, all components being very resistant to corrosion, they are ideal for salt water applications.

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