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Introducing our aluminum bench featuring a sleek design with a plastic seat and backrest, blending in perfectly with the aesthetic of your dock. Unparalleled in versatility, this bench offers a harmonious and elegant addition to any waterfront.

Material/Composition: Aluminum and fiber-glass re-enforced polypropylene panels 

Available colors: Beige and Grey 

Maximal weight rating: 227kg (500lbs) 

How many persons can sit on the bench?

It is rated for a maximum of 500 lbs. However, it's is 48 in wide, so only 2 persons can fit comfortably.

Can we change the bench position once it's installed?

The bench can be repositioned as much as needed. And by only removing 2 connecting pins, the process take only 5 minutes.

Is the bench made of the same material as the cubes?

Although the color match is perfect, the plastic used in our bench is a different composition and is little more stiff.

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