Connecting pin - long type
Connecting pin - long type

Connecting pin - long type


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Our Connecting Pin - Long Type is similar to our standard pin. This variant stands out with an extra inch in length, strategically designed to provide an enhanced grip when your JetRoll is added to a Candock modular floating system, and also used in the dry dock systems for the Sea-Doo Switch.
This extended pin ensures a secure and robust connection.

Material/Composition: High-density polyethylene resin (HDPE)

Available colors: Beige, Grey 

Surface: Anti-skid 

Dimensions: L : 27 cm (10.6”) x W: 17.2 cm (6.88”) / Shaft diameter : 4.547 cm (1.819”) 

Do I require a specific tool for this screw type?

No, it utilizes the same head as a standard connecting pin, making it compatible with both manual and drill version of the key.

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