Connecting pin
Connecting pin

Connecting pin


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The G2 connecting pin is the masterpiece holding the cubes together. Our connecting pin is designed to be combined with a sliding nut that slides over the cubes tabs, this way giving the whole structure a superior resistance; better than any other similar type of modular floating dock systems on the market.

Material/Composition: High-density polyethylene resin (HDPE)

Available colors: Beige, Grey 

Surface: Anti-skid 

Dimensions: L : 24 cm (9.6”) x W: 17.2 cm (6.88”) / Shaft diameter : 4.547 cm (1.819”) 

The Connecting pins have a hole on the side or bottom, is this normal? Will water get in?

Yes, this is completely normal and intentional during the manufacturing process. The presence of the hole does not affect the buoyancy of the dock, so there's no issue if water seeps into it.

If I accidentally drop this part in the water, will it float?

Absolutely, all our plastic components such as sliding nuts, spacers, connector pins, etc., will float within the first inch of water.

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