Bolt for cubes - white
Bolt for cubes - white
Bolt for cubes - white

Bolt for cubes - white


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The Bolts for cubes are used to increase the overall strength and stability of our modular floating systems. They are required for all docks that do not have EDGE cubes

Material/Composition: High-density polyethylene resin 

Available colors: White

Are the bolts sturdy enough to support lights or other accessories?

Absolutely. Crafted from high-density plastic, our bolts boast exceptional strength, frequently serving as supports for various accessories. Additionally, the central 3/4 inch hole accommodates a wide range of accessories with ease.

If I accidentally drop this part in the water, will it float?

Absolutely, all our plastic components such as sliding nuts, spacers, connector pins, etc., will float within the first inch of water.

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