Anchoring arm - aluminum
Anchoring arm - aluminum

Anchoring arm - aluminum


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Articulated system allowing an anchoring to the shore on different structures like: Walls, big rocks, etc.

* These arms must be installed perpendicular to the shore line to allow a substantial vertical movement latitude.

Material/Composition: Aluminum and stainless steel 316 L 

Can I install the anchoring arm myself?

Unless you are pretty good at DIY, we recommend to leave the installation to a local dealer or marine contractor. There is aluminium cutting and concrete drilling involved.

Should I use anchoring arm over the Candock post cubes and piling?

If the water level is too high, the anchor arm might be the best solution. If the water level is less than 6 feet at the start of the dock, post cubes must be used for anchoring the dock when possible.

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