Turn your water into income with Candock

Turn your water into income with Candock

Natural beaches, marinas, hotels, day camps… If you are lucky enough to have access to a body of water, Candock has just the products to enhance your site and please your clients. Did you know we offer several options to create unique nautical and aquatic experiences? Thanks to our floating dock systems and an array of accessories, the configuration possibilities are endless. You have the freedom to imagine your perfect solution. River, lake or sea; seize your opportunity to tap its full potential. Here are a few examples of commercial projects that will surely inspire you! They make both users and owners very happy!  

Boat, pedal boat or canoe... bring it!

One of the many marinas that opted for Candock’s durability and adaptability.

To benefit or enhance your water-bound traffic, turn to Candock’s floating dock system! Of all possible options available today, our offering is one of the most sought-after around the world for building or modifying marinas of all sizes. Combine it to our service channel technology and bring water, electricity and lighting right to your docks. Now that’s a reliable way to ensure top-notch service to boaters who keep the highest of standards.

Integrated lighted panels enhance safety on our docks, day and night. Planning on offering boat rides, or simply want to moor watercraft as safely as possible? Trust our proven system to build a dock that will live up to your expectations and withstand even the harshest of conditions.

Whether you are located by a beach or a national park, our docks’ practicality is sure to amaze you.[/caption]   Need to accommodate smaller watercrafts? Turn your new Candock into a rental hub for canoes, kayaks, PWC, CraigCat boats or SUP! The demand for these activities keeps rising since they provide lots of fun ways to enjoy the water, without the hassle of large watercraft. Make things even simpler with our Jetslide lift system for ease of use with your personal watercraft. A simple, easy, and durable way of protecting their hull as well!

In operation since 2013, this floating rental center is now very well established in its community.

Sun and swim: no beach needed!

The fact there is no beach around did not keep people from enjoying a nice swim.Swimming is no longer exclusively tied to the beach or the pool. With Candock, you can transform any body of water into an easily accessible swimming area. Especially appealing to hotels, communities and camps, these solutions bring fun to the whole family. Our docks are perfect to frame a floating pool, to build any kind of platform or to access floating playgrounds, such as this one: Kids enjoy hours of fun on safe installations such as these 


 With no defined boundaries of what our docks can achieve, you can truly configure yours to meet very specific needs. Take this client for example, he used the system in a clever way to create a pool for water-basketball:

For over 20 years, our docks’ versatility has come into play for many aquatic sports.

More ideas?

If our docks helped create major projects, build film sets and make helipads, we are convinced there are many more possibilities to be explored. Inspired by these ideas? You think you have a challenge that we could tackle together? Get a quote