The world of hotels - A playground for Candock

The world of hotels - A playground for Candock

Everywhere around the globe, Candock products bring life to clients' visions and projects. Thanks to our modular floating dock system, configuration possibilities are truly infinite! Our products are known for their durability, security and comfort; priorities for our clients, especially those operating in the hotel and tourism industry.

Among our most inspiring projects, we are proud of our numerous collaborations with major hotels and resorts.

Stellar examples of custom-made at its best, these installations represent a variety of configurations. From simple floating islands meant for man-made pools, to massive structures designed to withstand rough seas, Candock products have the unique ability to seamlessly blend into their environment. With many options to create the perfect structure, and as many options to personalize it, each project is adapted to meet the exact needs of clients. On top of that, our products are covered by a 20-year warranty!  

Here are a few examples of projects perfectly suited for our floating dock systems:

Leisure or swimming platform Whether you're dealing with a pool, a lake or an ocean; we can provide just the right platform in just the right dimensions.


Floating bar

When things need to float, we have a solution with your name all over it. Our floating docks are not only the perfect surface to host and entertain, but they provide the basis for a truly unique ambiance.


Wakeboard, diving, personal watercraft, boat; regardless the watersport you prefer, Candock can deliver the perfect installation. The JetSlide system, for instance, is designed to include a boat-lift zone or a built-in personal watercraft ramp. When it comes to using a kayak, a SUP or rowing, our low-profile cubes make it much easier for users by bringing them closer to the water. Perfect examples of making things as smooth as can be!

Marine life observation

For a hotel to offer its guests a chance to observe the surrounding wildlife from the water, it must provide a floating surface big enough, located in just the right spot, in order to enable proximity to nature, without compromising safety.


Projects that are a source of pride

Country : Greece
Project : Bouzakis


Country : Egypt Project :
Sharm El Sheikh


Our floating dock systems; certified Ecoresponsible

A Candock is not only able to blend in visually with its environment, it's a truly ecological option. Made from 100% recyclable high-quality resin, our docks will not deteriorate over time. On top of being certified as an Ecoresponsible option, they are as efficient as they are attractive.  

Dream-worthy installations require just the right accessories

Candock goes way beyond the dock itself, we offer a complete line-up of accessories that give each project its personality. Think LED to light things up, or other add-ons such as ladders, benches, diving boards, etc. Clients from every sector, not just experts in hospitality, turn to Candock for quality docks that can be personalized, but also because Candock is known for its ability to find just the solution for every project. This reputation is well-founded, our team loves to tackle challenges of every size!  

You have an ambitious project in mind? Candock can help!