A Marina on Sebasticook Lake

A Marina on Sebasticook Lake

Recently, a local team accomplished a remarkable feat by building a new marina on Sebasticook Lake in just a few days. Thanks to their expertise and the use of innovative products, this team transformed the lake access, bringing significant benefits to the local community and tourism. 

An Achievement in record time

Local teams from Maine Shore Solutions and Hamelin’s Marine successfully completed the marina installation in record time. Their efficiency and dedication enabled them to deploy a modern, functional facility, offering seasonal slip rentals and services to users (boats and seaplanes) just in time for the season. This success is largely due to their meticulous planning and harmonious collaboration.


The Use of Candock Products

One of the key elements of this project was the use of Candock products. These modular cubes, easy to assemble and extremely durable, allowed the team to build quickly and efficiently. Candock floating docks are renowned for their sturdiness and ease of installation, making them an ideal choice for this type of project. Their innovative design not only sped up the construction process but also guaranteed the marina's longevity and safety.


A Positive Impact on the Community

The new marina has already begun to have a positive impact on the local community. It has improved access to Sebasticook Lake, allowing residents and tourists to fully enjoy water activities. This modern facility attracts new visitors, thereby boosting the local economy and promoting tourism. Residents also benefit from an improved recreational space, enhancing the sense of pride and connection within the community.


The construction of the marina on Sebasticook Lake is an inspiring example of what a determined, innovative local team can accomplish. In just a few days, they created a facility that benefits the entire community, with the practical use of Candock floating docks. This project demonstrates that with the right combination of technology, expertise, and collaboration, significant and lasting improvements can be achieved in record time.