Gift idea for boat sailing

Gift idea for boat sailing

When your loved one (or yourself) spends an awful lot of time daydreaming about next boating season (or tomorrow’s outing, for the lucky few who live in eternal summer), you know your shopping list just narrowed down to a specific category: everything nautical or nautical-enhancing. Way beyond trendy captain’s shirts or funny hats; there’s a plethora of fun gear to choose from when it comes to pleasing this particular kind of enthusiast. From down-to-earth equipment, to built-for-entertaining accessories. And if you’re shopping not just for a nautical nut, but also for a foodie, a wakeboarder (or the clumsiest person ever), you can merge interests or needs and take your pick from our gift list.

Made-for-boating BBQ

Grilling doesn’t have to be strictly for land-based events, let the grill master take to the waters with one of these clever boat BBQs. Lunch on board will never be the same.  

Bars that know their place


No one wants to hold their glass between their knees while enjoying a day on the water; cue the swivel bar or, if you’ve found your swimming spot for a while, the floating bar!  

Protective smartphone gear

Clumsy or not, no one can deny it’s a pretty smart thing (and now a simple one) to protect your smartphone from the elements when you leave dry land. On Amazon  

Overachieving coolers

  Don’t rely on any old cooler to keep your feast and refreshments at the perfect temperature; get the top-of-the-line and keep your cool.  

Marine Wi-Fi Adapter Kit

  Now, some will say Wi-Fi and water should not mix, but for those who can’t be disconnected for too long, this might make the outing last a bit longer!  

Charge anywhere

  You don’t necessarily have to answer your calls, but with a charged smartphone, you can take more pics, play more tunes… or find your way back with GPS if you get lost.  

Floating speakers

Listen to music from your smartphone, or any Bluetooth-connected device, and throw your cares to the wind… and the speakers in the water while you’re at it… they float!  

Dock Bench

Candock goes beyond the dock, and creates accessories that make their products even more people-friendly. This aluminum bench has a plastic seat and back rest and its colour is assorted to your Candock system. It makes for a sturdy and stylish addition, available in beige or grey. Get a Quote  

Dock Ladder

This ladder entirely made of plastic by Candock can be folded on itself for more security and to avoid nasty seaweed build-up. It’s the only ladder on the market with an upward inclined slope, and it can be installed on conventional docks. A smart gift that will always come in handy, available in beige or grey. Get a Quote   So when in doubt, know that if it’s geared to make any ride better, smoother, more delicious, mess-free, or less accident-prone… you’ve got this gift-giving thing right and your gift will make a well-deserved splash.