Candock x Palmex International at the 2020 Tribal Fest

Candock x Palmex International at the 2020 Tribal Fest

Survival of events in times of COVID-19

Many Quebec companies have suffered the hard blows of the restrictions related to COVID-19. One area that is particularly affected but very rarely mentioned is event organization. How will these companies adapt when their primary activity is to bring crowds together in the same place?   This is the challenge that Tribu Expérientiel agreed to take up the challenge by co-organizing the 4th edition of the Tribal Fest, in collaboration with Événements Nature Shawinigan and Tourisme Shawinigan. "The idea of the micro-festival came on its own; it was logical for us" says Pascale Beauregard, Production Director at Tribu Expérientiel. An event taking place over 2 days where participants had to register beforehand; while there was a capacity of 250 people, more than 200 showed up. Since the first year of the festival, the objective has been to make it an identity event for the destination of Shawinigan, Quebec, by offering real playgrounds for fans of thrills, street, and nature sports practiced in freestyle. Ephemeral or permanent installations allow practicing paddle-board, climbing, BASE jump, BMX, skateboard, or even parkour.  

Why Candock in events?

In the organization of its events, Tribu Expérientiel is accustomed to doing business with local companies. The 4th edition of the Tribal Fest was no exception. Candock had the immense pleasure to create a temporary floating island that had to be easily installed and uninstalled to provide remote parking for paddle-board enthusiasts. That's when Micah Desforges, president and founder of Tribu Expérientiel, a regular of Candock's products' versatility, decided to include us as one of the event's main scenes.  

Collaboration between Quebec companies

But it does not stop there! Besides offering a floating island, the organizers wanted to offer guests the feeling of being transported elsewhere, whereas trips to sun destinations have been difficult to access for several months. Palmex International, a Quebec company with its head office in Saint-Sauveur, has brought its touch of tropical paradise with its eco-friendly synthetic roofing solution. Should we not forget the immense contribution by Sol Tropical for building and installing the gazebo on the floating island. The result is impressive: a tropical urban oasis on the Saint-Maurice River!   Whether you are an employee of a municipality, an event organizer, or want to organize an event in compliance with government health restrictions, the example of Tribal Fest has much potential to inspire you and help you reinvent yourself.   You want to see how to incorporate Candock and Palmex International into your event, contact us to discuss your project! Candock: Palmex international:   Candock Mauricie installed the floating system, whereas Sol Tropical built and installed the gazebo.