How to use LED lighting on your dock to create a unique evening experience

Blog - 06/06/2017

Want to take your dock experience to the next level? Discover LED lights! They add an elegant touch, while promoting both a safe and festive feeling.

Transform your dock into an entertainment station

With LED lighting, you have the freedom to choose from multiple colors to customize your dock as you like. By adding a preset processor, you can select one of 10 different programs already integrated that will truly bring your dock to life. Whether you opt for a blinking effect, a dimming effect from one color to another, or the random mode, you’ll be able to liven up your cubes easily with the ideal option for you! White or colored, LED lights are waterproof, long-lasting and simple to use, as well as a great way to make your dock experience even more enjoyable.

Added safety and easy docking

On top of creating an entertaining vibe, outfitting your dock with LED lights makes moving on and around it much safer as it gets darker. With the sides of the dock well lit, you’ll be better able to locate it in the evening when you’re ready to dock you  watercraft.

Convinced? Nothing beats a new atmosphere to brighten your date night or an evening with friends.

A cube with integrated LED lights?

Discover Candock’s G2 transparent service cube.