Ecological Dock

The environment is a constant priority at Candock. Our modular structure components do not oxidize. They have been designed to be recycled and they will not deteriorate over time.

Candock, the Green Choice!

For Candock Inc., the environment has always been a priority. By purchasing a Candock modular dock, you are purchasing an ecological solution. Candock docks are made of a high quality resin that is 100% recyclable and will not deteriorate over time. They are also resistant to a large number of chemicals.

The exceptional durability of our products make our floating dock an ideal choice. Compare this to the 2 or 3 aluminum, steel or wooden docks you would have bought during the life span of a Candock floating dock. Aluminum requires a lot of energy to produce and wood is a natural resource that requires many years to regenerate. Also, wood has to be protected every year with highly-polluting chemicals.

These factors don’t even take into account the increasing number of docks that are destroyed and replaced every year by extreme weather conditions. Candock docks can resist the most severe weather conditions in the world! Our docks have a low profile on water and blend easily into the environment.

ISO 9001:2000, 14001:2004.